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OELCHECK GmbH: Certification

akkreditierung DIN EN ISO 9001 DIN EN ISO 14001

Oil Analysis Tests

Our Oil Analysis Laboratories Set Standards

Certified quality and environmental protection

The OELCHECK oil analysis laboratories use the latest oil analytic equipment. We have worked together with the oil analytic manufacturers to develop much of the oil testing equipment and have focused on the particular requirements of analysing what can sometimes be highly viscous or paste-like lubricants. An experienced team of chemists and laboratory technicians operates all the different lubricant analysis equipment and examines more than 1,000 individual lubricant samples each day.

The company’s IT department can access by its own source code directly all programmes in Germany and China. It develops and manages the complex Laboratory Information System (LIMS). The software is structured modular. It is therefore easy to integrate new oil test procedures or equipment as plug-ins. The results of all analyses are managed in a joint SQL database. Customers are always granted password-protected access to their individual database at www.lab.report.

We have developed our own "Sample Rating" programme to ensure that our OELCHECK engineers, who diagnose hundreds of samples from Germany or China each day, can work to a high standard. Besides providing the laboratory data, against which warning and limit values as well as fresh oil values are compared, the programme also provides trend monitoring. Furthermore, it concisely presents all the test results, diagrams and photos delivered from the laboratory.

All operations in the OELCHECK oil analysis laboratories are integrated in quality management and environmental management systems. OELCHECK has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 already since 1995 and in accordance with ISO 14001 since 2001. Since 2009 the OELCHECK oil analysis laboratory has also been accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for some test methods.

Test methods and equipment in our OELCHECK-laboratory

Test Method Standard Standard ASTM
Acid Number (AN) EN 12634 ASTM D664
Air Release
at 25°, 50°, 75° or 80°C
DIN ISO 9120 ASTM D3427
Apparent Viscosity Greases DIN 51810-1  
Base Number (BN) ISO 3771,
DIN 51639-1
ASTM D2896
Base Oil Extraction for greases (soxhlet) OPM*  
Bleeding test OPM*  
Breakdown Voltage DIN EN 60156 ASTM D3300
Brugger-Test DIN 51347  
Conradson Carbon Residue DIN 51551 ASTM D4530
Cetane Index (GC) DIN EN ISO 4264 ASTM D976
Chlorine Content DIN 51408-2 ASTM D5384
Cloudpoint DIN EN 23015 ASTM D2500
Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) DIN EN 116 ASTM D6371
Color Scale (ASTM) DIN ISO 2049 ASTM D1500
Conductivity DIN 51412-2 ASTM D2624
Corrosion Protection (copper) DIN EN ISO 2160,
DIN 51811
ASTM D849,
ASTM D4048
Corrosion Protection (steel)
Process A (distilled water)
Process B (synthetic seawater)
DIN ISO 7120 ASTM D665
Density DIN EN ISO 12185 ASTM D4052
Density Temperature Profile DIN EN ISO 12185  
Dissipation Factor DIN EN 60247 ASTM D924
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) DIN EN 60567,
DIN EN 60599
ASTM D3612
Dropping Point IP 396 ASTM D566,
ASTM D2265
Elements in Greases (RDE)
Fe, Cr, Al, B, Ba, Pb, K, Ca, Cu, Mg, Mo, Na, Ni, P, Si, Zn, Sn, Ag, Ti, V, W, Li, Sb, Be, Cd, Co, Mn
  ASTM D6595
Elements in Oils (ICP)
Fe, Cr, Al, B, Ba, Pb, K, Ca, Cu, Mg, Mo, Na, Ni, P, Si, Zn, Sn, Ag, Ti, V, W, Li, S, Sb, Be, Cd, Co, Mn, Cl, Bi
DIN 51399-1 ASTM D5185
Ethylene Glycol Content (GC) OPM*  
Evaporation loss DIN 51581-2  
Ferrography, analytical OPM* ASTM D7690
Filterability Oils DIN ISO 13357-2 ASTM D7752
Flash Point, closed cup DIN EN ISO 2719,
ASTM D3278,
ASTM D7236
Flash Point, open cup DIN EN ISO 2592 ASTM D92
Flender Foam Test ISO 12152  
Foaming Test
- Sequence I
- Sequence I - III
  ASTM D892
Four Ball Test
(with expected value)
DIN 51350-2 (Oil)
DIN 51350-4 (Grease)
Four Ball Test with kit 1
(without expected value)
DIN 51350-2 (Oil)
DIN 51350-4 (Grease)
Four Ball Test Oil (1 h)
A (150N) / B (300N)
DIN 51350  
Four Ball Test Grease (1 h)
C (150N) / D (300N) / E (1000N)
DIN 51350  
Fuel content   ASTM D7593
Furans DIN EN 61198 ASTM D5837
Identification for particles in grease OMP*  
Infrared-Spectroscopy DIN 51451,
DIN 51453
ASTM E2412
Iodine Number DIN EN 14111 ASTM D5554
i-pH Value   ASTM D7946
MPC-Test   ASTM D7843
Neutralisation Number (NZ) DIN ISO 6618 ASTM D974
Oil Content in fuels by GC DIN 51784  
Oil Separation (grease)
40°C, 18 hours
40°C, 7 days
DIN 51817  
Optical Particle Analysis   ASTM D7596
Oxidation stability of lubricating greases   ASTM D942
Particle Count ISO 4406,
SAE AS 4059,
ISO 11500
ASTM D7647
Particle Count, microscopic ISO 4406 ASTM D4616
PCB-Content1 DIN EN 12766-2 ASTM D4059
- unworked
- worked
DIN ISO 2137  
ASTM D1403
Pourpoint DIN ISO 3016 ASTM D97
PQ-Index OPM*  
Reserve Alkalinity OPM* ASTM D1121
RPVOT-Test (oxidation)   ASTM D2272
RULER (oxidation stability)   ASTM D7590
Shear Viscosity
(tapered roller bearing)
DIN 51350-6 ASTM D6616
Simulated Distillation DIN EN ISO 3924,
DIN 51435
ASTM D2887
Sludge Carrying Properties   ASTM D7899
Solid Contaminants DIN EN 12662 ASTM D4055, D7317
Sulfate Ash
- for Oils
- for Greases
DIN 51575
DIN 51803
ASTM D5352,
ASTM D7455
Surface Tension DIN 53914 ASTM D971
TOST-Test wet / dry DIN EN ISO 4263 ASTM D943
Viscosity at 40 and 100°C
incl. viscosity index
DIN ISO 2909 ASTM D7279
ASTM D2270
Viscosity, dyn. (1 temp.) DIN 53019  
from -30° to +110°C in 10°C-steps
DIN 53019  
Visual evaluation OPM*  
Water by crackle OPM*  
Water Resistance for Greases DIN 51807-1  
Water Separation Properties
DIN ISO 6614 ASTM D1401
Water Separation Properties
(steam treatment)
DIN 51589  
Wasser acc. to Karl Fischer
DIN 51777-2 ASTM D6304
Wasser acc. to Karl Fischer
DIN EN ISO 12937-B ASTM D3401

Processing time for single tests is approx. 5 workdays.
1Processing time approx. 12 workdays

The usually needed sample volume is approx. 100 ml.
Detailed information can be found in the individual test method descriptions.

*OPM = OELCHECK in-house method

The bold printed analyses can be processed as accredited tests according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Please ask for an appropriate offer:
info@oelcheck.com, Phone +49 8034-9047-210.

OELCHECK laboratory

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