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Cool News

Cool News

With regular oil analyses, you can extend oil change intervals, reveal incipient damage and reduce costs.

But have you ever thought of your coolants?

Coolants provide an optimal heat supply or dissipation, protect against corrosion, cavitation and deposits and prevent freezing at minus degrees.

When your coolant changes significantly during operation, it cannot quite fulfil the requirements anymore. At this point, your engine or system is in acute danger. Only regular analysis offers safety.

Altogether, you can choose between four different analysis kits for coolants and antifreezes (Basic 1, Basic 2, Advanced, Premium). Within one working day, you receive the most important data on coolant condition, water quality, degradation products, wear elements, contaminations and additives. You receive a laboratory report with a comment on deviations and recommended actions.

You reveal inadequate coolants, unacceptable mixtures or a drop in performance capability at an early stage and avoid damages.

The new all-inclusive analysis kits for coolants are the perfect complement for the maintenance of your engines and systems.

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