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akkreditierung DIN EN ISO 9001 DIN EN ISO 14001

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Goodbye question mark

On each of our laboratory reports you can find one of three pictograms as a clear and fast indicator of the current state of your sample. These differ from each other, not only in their motif, but also in the colors which follow the traffic light system: A green check mark for unremarkable or rather normal samples, a red exclamation mark for samples with urgent need for action. Up till now, we have used a yellow question mark for samples already showing non-severe abnormalities or uncertainties without any direct intervention being required. As from now this question mark is replaced by an “i” to show you at first glance that important information is mentioned here. These comments include recommended courses of action so that the next analysis will give you the green light again.

DAR-Zertifizierung akkreditierung DIN EN ISO 9001 DIN EN ISO 14001