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As of now, our new Sample Information Forms make your life easier!

We gave our Sample Information Forms a complete overhaul.
A more structured arrangement of the content provides greater clarity as well as a faster orientation. A more contemporary design with clear lines supports the intuitive line of sight. As of now, you receive every all-inclusive analysis kit with the Sample Information Form in a new look.

Well-tried meets new

The new OELCHECK Sample Information Forms are divided into four clearly separated parts:

  • Sample information
  • Machine information
  • Customer information
  • Reference stub incl. barcode label with the laboratory number

Maybe you have already seen this clear layout in our online portal www.lab.report.

It is available in printed form as Sample Information Form now. Your customer information as well as the test scope are normally already filled in. In the beginning, the look might appear unusual, but you will definitely get used to the new Sample Information Form quickly.

And after all, we haven’t changed everything! You can find the separable reference stub in the usual place in the bottom area of the form.

Online is still better than offline

Even though we have improved our Sample Information Form for you, you can still use www.lab.report for the entry of your sample information. Because the online entry of sample information is more efficient, easier and faster. 

Since you as a customer appreciate this service we have come up with something special for you: The OELCHECK-App for the entry of sample information which will be available in your App Store soon. 

If you provide your sample information online via www.lab.report or app, use your Sample Information Form as follows:

  • Stick the barcode label from the Form on the sample bottle.
  • Mark “Sample information provided online” with a cross on the top left.
  • Fill in the data on your reference stub and tear it off.
  • Put the Sample Information Form into the external pocket of the envelope.

From universal to extra-special

The new OELCHECK Sample Information Form can be used universally for all lubricants and machines. However, our special Sample Information Forms are recommended for many applications. They ask for specific characteristics which aren’t recorded by the universal Sample Information Form.

The most important information about our special Sample Information Forms:

  • Already available in the new design: Grease, gas engines, gears, hydraulics, refrigeration compressors, engines, compressors, wind energy systems. (Additional Sample Information Forms will follow soon, e.g.: Power plants, transformers, fuel, marine applications.)
  • The OELCHECK all-inclusive analysis kits are delivered with these special Sample Information Forms by request. Please indicate in your order, if you want to receive the new version.
  • The forms are also available as download at our website.

Whichever Sample Information Form you choose – if universal or extra-special – you will always find the new, improved design on it. To allow you to identify every form you are working with we marked them with pictograms.

One Form – all information

Not only the front of our new Sample Information Form has what it takes! On the back you can find all information you need to handle your all-inclusive analysis kits:

  • Instructions for the entry of data via app and www.lab.report
  • Information about sample taking and identification
  • Explanations of packing and shipment
  • And all of this in English and German!

For any further questions about our Sample Information Forms contact us via phone +49-8034-9047-210 or via Email ta@oelcheck.de.

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