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20.03.2017: OELCHECK brings together what belongs together!

The new gas engine kit for motor oil and coolant The new gas engine kit by OELCHECK allows you not only to analyse motor oils, but also coolants. Coolant analyses are becoming more important for gas engines and are stipulated by...

21.02.2017: Cool News

With regular oil analyses, you can extend oil change intervals, reveal incipient damage and reduce costs. But have you ever thought of your coolants? Coolants provide an optimal heat supply or dissipation, protect against...

23.12.2016: Sample data entry 3.0 – The new OELCHECK-App!

To make the entry of sample data even more comfortable for you OELCHECK just published an App. With this App you can enter sample data very easily and fast. You merely require a smartphone or tablet, a QR-Code from www.lab.report...

15.12.2016: Goodbye question mark

On each of our laboratory reports you can find one of three pictograms as a clear and fast indicator of the current state of your sample. These differ from each other, not only in their motif, but also in the colors which follow...[more]

02.11.2016: As of now, our new Sample Information Forms make your life easier!

We gave our Sample Information Forms a complete overhaul. A more structured arrangement of the content provides greater clarity as well as a faster orientation. A more contemporary design with clear lines supports the intuitive...[more]

12.09.2016: Now also plastic becomes glass ...

New sample bottles for heat transfer fluids[more]

24.08.2016: Glass becomes aluminium ...

New sample bottles for refrigerator oils[more]

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