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OELCHECK GmbH: Certification

akkreditierung DIN EN ISO 9001 DIN EN ISO 14001


Experts for oil analyses, pro-active maintenance and lubricants

Our Customer's Partners

The OELCHECK engineers have a solid general knowledge of mechanical engineering. They are familiar with nearly all branches and their production processes. In addition, they have experience with lubricants as "tribologists." They provide individual diagnostic statements for each laboratory report, regardless of whether the values are determined in our German or Chinese laboratory. If you have any questions regarding a laboratory report, a technican is always personally available to you.

The OELCHECK engineers also actively support you to:

  • establish longer oil change intervals
  • create lubrication plans and select the most suitable lubricants
  • analyse cases of damage and provide an expert opinion
  • negotiations with systems manufacturers and lubricant suppliers

The OELCHECK engineers are involved as recognised lubricant specialists in numerous international research projects and play an active role in standardisation groups and lubricant committees.

You are interested in our consulting-service?
Just send us your request!

Paul Weismann

»Our customers are our partners. Our objective is to improve an early detection of damages on key-parts and to extend oil change intervals up to actual needs. This helps to reduce costs and to protect the environment.«

Paul Weismann
Bachelor of Science
Managing Director of the OELCHECK Laboratories

Our OELCHECK consulting-service supports you on all questions about oil:

  • Too many different oil types in use?
  • Difficulties in finding the right lubricant for a new machine?
  • Did you get the optimal advice from your lubricant supplier?
  • Would it be economical to change the oil or grease type?
  • Would you like to have an independent lubricant recommendation for your machine?
  • Do you need a prompt decision?

All our customers can take advantage of our OELCHECK consulting-service - either within the service range of one of our analysis kits or by asking for individual additional single tests.

The OELCHECK expert consulting-service is available from Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 16.00pm.
Our OELCHECK-team will answer by e-mail, fax or letter.

OELCHECK experts advise you on:

  • How to extend  oil changing intervals and simplify maintenance
  • Optimal and easy internal lubricating practice
  • Appropriate  lubrication of new machines
  • Cost-saving purchase of lubricants
  • Initial filling and refilling of plants and machines
  • Expertise

If you are interested in our consulting-service, please send us your request.

Please refer to our price-list for detailed information on our prices.



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