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OELCHECK GmbH: Certification

akkreditierung DIN EN ISO 9001 DIN EN ISO 14001

About us

Experience, Innovation and Partnership

Peter Weismann
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Weismann Company founder and technical director

Since 1991 oil analysis in Europe – since 2013 also in China

OELCHECK is the leading laboratory for lubricant and oil analyses throughout the German-speaking community. Founded in 1991 under the name of WEARCHECK, our company is still a 100% family-run business today and is therefore completely independent. Whether in the automotive sector or in industry – OELCHECK’s lubricant and oil analysis are essential in modern-day service and maintenance.

We are following a consistent course of expansion – since 2013 we have also been active in China. Our oil analysis laboratories in Brannenburg and Canton (Guangzhou) are state-of-the-art. We invest consistently in innovative oil testing equipment and develop intelligent software. Our employees are recognised experts in their field. They provide accurate diagnoses for each oil sample we analyse. They advise on the best choice of lubricant and perform as independent witnesses in the clarification of damages.

Customers benefit from our extensive experience,
our innovations and a unique partnership –
welcome to oil analysis by OELCHECK!

Benefits of our well-priced OELCHECK analysis kits:

OELCHECK analysis kits
  • detecting possible damages in time
  • find out everything about the real condition of your machine – without time-consuming dismantling
  • avoid expensive repairs and breakdown times
  • find out the optimal oil change interval
  • relieve our environment of waste oil
  • lab reports with useful comments and advice

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