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OELCHECK GmbH: Certification

akkreditierung DIN EN ISO 9001 DIN EN ISO 14001


OELCHECK – experts for oil analysis, oil analytics and lubricants

Oil can talk. We understand the message.

High performance and still full of power reserves – or already used and contaminated and posing serious risks for systems and machines?
OELCHECK examines the quality of lubricants in Germany and China and draws accurate conclusions.

In doing so, expensive repairs, downtimes and unnecessary oil changes can be avoided. The fact is, every oil is subject to a continual process of change. Foreign materials in the oil, such as dust, water and wear particles, contaminate it. High operating temperatures and contact with oxygen cause it to age. As a method for cost-reduction, oil change intervals are being extended further and further. In the long term, however, this increases the risk of oil-related damage. Nevertheless, it is possible to minimise this risk. From a multitude of physical and chemical characteristic values, OELCHECK deduces the condition of the oil and machine alike. In doing so, the best time for an oil change can be determined. Wear particles are matched to specific damaged machine parts. These provide information about the condition of the system and its components and provide a predictive warning of damage.

In construction machinery and industrial equipment, cars, trucks and lorries, engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems – OELCHECK analyses all lubricants as well as many fuels and understands the message.

OELCHECKER spring edition!

Download the latest OELCHECKER and get to know everything about the new OELCHECK analysis kits for coolant and anti-freeze agents, the gas engine kit, parameters and practical uses of grease analysis and much more!


OELCHECK understands the message of the oil.
You will receive objective and competent information about the condition of the lubricant and the machine.
Our laboratory is completely independent and lubricant analyses are our only business.  

1991-2016: 25 years OELCHECK!
Get to know interesting and curious facts from inside OELCHECK and become familiar with our team!


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